The difference between polar powermeter and Power Tap

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Someone asks what difference between Polar powermeter and PowerTap?
You can find the difference from the pictures below. Just do it by yourself!

WHEEL: PowerTap Wheel
Duration 1:00:00
Energy Expenditure 609 kcal
Average Heart Rate 143 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 162 bpm
Standard Deviation 13.7 bpm

Minimum Speed 10.3 km/h
Average Speed 41.4 km/h
Maximum Speed 56.0 km/h
Distance 39.5 km
Odometer 1095 km

Minimum Cadence 52 rpm
Average Cadence 93 rpm
Maximum Cadence 117 rpm

Polar Powermeter:
Minimum Power 107 Watts
Average Power 239 Watts
Maximum Power 468 Watts

PowerTap :
Minimum Power 0 Watts
Average Power 154 Watts
Maximum Power 282 Watts

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